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As an early supporter of the B9Creator DLP 3D printer, Esotechnic is pleased to offer B9creations resin within the UK and Europe. This gives you a significant saving on postage/duty/customs fees as well as faster delivery.

Currently we only stock the Red resin but we hope to offer Cherry very soon. If there is interest we shall also consider stocking spare vats and will create replacement pdms kits.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not sell the B9Creator printer nor do I provide technical support for it. Please contact B9creations directly.


The main reason for setting up distribution within the UK was to try and bring down the total cost to your door. Shipping is the main issue. 

Within the UK I now use courier services such as DHL and UPS.

Elsewhere in Europe we use Royal Mail airsure for single units and a courier such as TNT or UPS for multiple units. 

Because of the complexity of shipping costs and the limited flexibilty in the current cart system, orders for more than two units, or to countries outside of Europe, should be made by contacting us, we can then find you the most economic shipping option.